How Much You Need To Pay To Use The ShopGT International Package Forwarding Service?

All you need to do is to visit the shipping calculator page on shopgt site. In case you know the dimensions and weight of the item you require sent to you, just enter them into the shipping calculator. It will show you the price of the shipping and be sure our competitive and reasonable rates will surprised you nicely.

You must know that with the free, Basic membership account, your charge is $1 per package, so you can expect to add $1 to the expense you find in our shipping calculator. But if you try to move up to a Membership club account the charge you have to paid is zero.
But this is not all what you can expect form shopgt. The shipping, inspections, advanced consolidation item wrapping, and paper wrapping are all additional. Isn’t it amazing ? If you are interested in, just check shopgt services and pricing page for more detailed information .


Why Should I Trust On Shopgt For International Online Shopping ?
Doing business since 2003 and in international package forwarding service since 2014 shopgt aimed at making it quick and easy for international residents to shop online in the USA. With more than 14 years in the transportation business we know how to help you to get better international Package forwarding services. We offer you an easy solution to parcel forwarding with our mailbox service. Many online retailers do not ship internationally which makes the international shoppers to pay stiff premiums. Using shopgt, you are able to shop with any online retailer and have your packages delivered to an address within the USA for free.

Shopping Online Could Be Inexpensive And Economical:
Only what makes it expensive for international customers is shipping, so our aim is to looking for low cost shipping solutions. We do everything possible to free our customers from any international charges.

Shopping Online Can Be Easy:
This is our greatest area of focus because all the rules and regulations involved in international transport could make you confused. In this we are very useful to help you. However, we are constantly working on new technology to both comply with regulations and make it simple for our customers. All what we want is to make online shopping as easier and cheaper as it can be for you .


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