Did You Know That International Courier Services Can Save You Money on Shipping?

It’s quite possible to save cash on the cost of shipping by choosing the right international courier service. For example, if you’re an entrepreneur who routinely needs to ship goods to other countries, you’ll find that signing up for a Shopgt business account allows you to save up to forty percent on the cost of international shipping.

If you don’t need that much support, just hire an international courier service to deliver things for you on an as-needed basis. Shop around to see which shipping company offers the most appealing rates and conditions.

Look for Information Online

All of the big companies provide the international services that most people want and need, including International Package Forwarding and international courier service. Getting a good deal on a courier service of this type is mostly about doing comparison-shopping online. This won’t take long and you should have no trouble getting specific pricing information via the Web.

The world’s best courier and shipping companies make it very easy for their customers to access information and services via their official websites. In fact, these days, it’s usually possible to take care of almost everything which is related to arranging for an international courier online. This may save you money, too, as you won’t need to drive anywhere or take time out of your workday in order to get the courier services that you need.

How to Comparison-shop for International Couriers

The best way to comparison-shop is to look at the cost of international mailbox service and then compare it to the cost of international courier service. Basically, if you don’t need to send things to other countries a lot, paying for an International Courier Service, rather than an international mailbox, may save you money. You’ll just need to consider your needs and existing shipping habits in order to see which option is right for you!

For many people, couriers which are international definitely offer more savings. They use them when they need them and don’t have to pay subscription fees when they don’t need them.

Now that you know why international courier services save people money on shipping costs, why not choose one of these services today? The best courier services are very prompt and professional and the companies which provide them don’t overcharge their customers. They know that most customers are looking for affordable rates above all else. With this in mind, they make their services very affordable!

How International Package Forwarding Service Proves to be Worth for International Shoppers ?

Everybody knows online Shopping is easy, safe time and helps you to find items, you even didn’t know about. That is the reason many people perfect to shopping online. Unfortunately there is some problems for the international consumers, trying to buy products from the USA online stores. Most of the time there are lots of delivering conditions within the country, making delivery complicated or higher shipping charges. The other problem is the the international shipping costs, that global online sellers who are selling products online are facing to. In such cases a package forwarding service, provided by a reliable source in the US can sure prove to be worth and profitable for all parties such as the seller and the buyer.

How The Package Forwarding Services Can Help You Buying Things Online, Whenever You Are ?

A reliable package forwarding service provider in the US will offer you a valid US based address, where your goods can be suitably delivered by the retailer, then the service provider will forward the package to the desired address and all this with a minimal shipping cost. The whole process is simple, fast and without any complications. What you need only is completing the registration process with the provide, you have chosen. The package or parcel forwarding service provider in the US will provide you a physical address of your own name in the US From this address, your good, products or items will be shifted conveniently to a preferred location. Getting a reliable package forwarding service from the US will make international online shopping convenient and easy, which will remove the problems related to shipping and payment.

Most of the online sellers based outside the US, are able to provide a great level of convenience to their customers in the US only using the package forwarding service. Having a wealth of knowledge of the domestic and international shipping industry, a package forwarding service provider in the US is efficient enough to leverage volume to reduce cost. When the buyer will place the order, the parcel forwarding company in the US will receive the product and buyer’s address from the seller and ship the item to the buyer directly. This helps global online sellers to maximize their conversions and making more sales by relying on a trustworthy package forwarding service, helping their customers to buy all what they need.

There is no doubt International Package Forwarding services can be very useful. Whether you are an international online buyer or seller, you can take the advantage of low cost shipping service in US by seeking the assistance of a reliable package forwarding company. With a reliable US based international shipping service provider the international online buyers are enjoying a forwarding service for their purchases, made in the USA to their respective home country. Using the package forwarding services, you will get the chance to shopping online in USA without any issues. You also can tracking the shipment whenever you want and enjoying the benefits of using the shipment calculator, saving money and time.

A Few Things About The Easier Way Using The International Online Shopping In The USA?

International Package Forwarding
International Package Forwarding

Everybody knows that some of the biggest brands in the planet can be found in the United States. The country has very well developed retail sector and of course some of the top manufacturers in the world are based in USA. There you can find many regular stores and chains where people can buy any kind of products they need. No matter all this, the online shopping is also very much popular in the United States. In fact, the country is home to some of the biggest online retailers in the planet.

The best reason using the purchasing products from the American online retailers is that you can always find amazing offers and discounts which are too good to resist. For example, during the Black Friday you can come across such deals through which you will be able to purchase any kind of popular retail products even at 50 % or more discount. It is almost impossible to find such offers from any other online retailers around the world. Using International Online Shopping you can only buy the things you want the most but sure you also will save a lot of money during the process.

International Online Shopping is very well known in USA mainly because of the fact that it is not only convenient for people to buy things online, but it is also the easier way to buy different products from any part of the world. If the stuff you need is not available in USA, you can find them anywhere around the world. Isn’t it the best part of the International Online Shopping ?

But what about the people living in other countries, who also would like to use the cheap online shopping in USA? We all know that the products made in United State are very popular everywhere. But how such people can buy things online from USA?

Unfortunately living far from in USA, you are not be able to purchase directly from these USA based online stores which offer that great discounts you are looking for. That’s why you need some help form ShopGT. Our USA Package Forwarding Service. can provide you with a USA based address for shipping, which can be sued in any of the USA based online retailers for purchasing different types of items, you want to buy. While placing the order, you can provide that address as the shipping one. The retailers will send the items to that address. After receiving the items we can resend them to your home, all around the world.

Using our USA Package Forwarding Service you can be sure you will be able to reap the benefits of cheap online shopping in America, while being seated comfortable in your home or workplace, saving your time and money. All the cares about the shipping you can leave to us. Using ShopGT is the best and cheapest way to buy things online. Easy and without any worries. We guarantee you fast and trouble-free delivery to your home all around the word. Just try us!

International Online Shopping 2016-2017 United States compared to the World ?

International Online Shopping 2016-2017 United States compared to the World
International Online Shopping 2016-2017 United States compared to the World

There is no doubt the e-commerce have changed the shopping all over the world. We are able to do shopping comfortable sitting at home, saving our time. All what we need we can get with a very one click, no matter what we want to buy or where from.

But lets see whether online business trends are the same all over the world.

that the U.S is number one nations in the online market, with an predicted $349 billion of aggregate retail deals for 2015. But what place do the other countries have in comparison with USA ?

A 2015 consumer survey conducted by PWC showed us at the online shopping habits of more than 19,000 online shoppers in 19 different countries. The research study confirmed that the international online shopping has become an integral part of the people’s daily life. Also it showed that the consumers around the world share the same expectations when it comes to online shopping they want efficiency, convenience and enjoyment.

A sample of a PWC survey shows us that the countries using online shoping the most are China with the most frequent online shoppers. 96 percent of those surveyed doing online shopping at least once per month. It is not surprising as we know the success of Chinese based online market-place ali-baba and the country’s emerging middle-class, which have affinity for any kind of new technology and ability to buy them. Second place in the survey takes China and Germany 81%, followed by United Kingdom – 81% and India 78%. The United States comes in 5th place, with 72% of consumers shopping online at least once a month.

According the global online shopping statistics in 2015 South African residents are the most willing to pay for same-day delivery 79%, following by Australians 69%, Indians 69%, British 69% and Brazilians 68%. In comparison, only 61% of U.S. consumers are agreed with paying for same-day delivery. The top 3 countries that are most in favor of using digital currency are India 71%, Brazil 66% and China 58%. In the United States only 28% of consumers are willing to use digital currency such as Bit-coin. The reason being that there are a lot of speculations regarding the safety of virtual currencies and the way they can be used.

On a global scale the products that are purchased the most online are books, films, songs and video games. The study revealed 63% of shoppers prefer to purchase such items online, while 31% prefer to buy them from a store.

While the study confirmed e-commerce is succeeding globally, it also shows brick and mortar sellers having not a problem with selling their items on the old way, welcomed customers on their shops. Many stores are taking new steps to compete with online merchants by providing some of the same advantages of online shopping. They have used some new contrivance trying to please their customers. The company delivers clothing to customers’ homes, allowing 15 minutes to try on the products, and then takes the un-purchased products back to the store. Moreover some of them already have started online selling in parallel with the usual one. However we would expect online businesses and brick and mortar stores to continue adapting to consumer expectations and improving the shopping experience. Trying to help you with international online shopping here we can give you an information for a leading provider of Package Forwarding Services.

Shopgt International Package Forwarding Services Charges Chart 2017

Our aim is to keep service charges as low as possible. Below you will check rates for our Standard Accounts and Membership Club Accounts for various services we provide.

Shopgt International Package Forwarding Services Charges Chart 2017

Type Account (Standard) Account (Membership Club)
Repacking per package ($3) Free (1st 25 Items) After Per package ($1.50)
Storage $1 per-box per day (after 60 days) $1 per box per day (after 180 days)
Consolidation Free (Nil) Free (Nil)
On Special Request minimum (for more complicated requests we will provide a quote on a case by case basis) There is no charge for small requests.
Fee for Procurement $10 minimum or 10% of the transaction cost. For more visit: Shopgt Procurement page $5 minimum or 5% of the transaction cost. For more visit: Shopgt Procurement page
For Image uploads $1 (per upload) Free for first image ($1 per image for additional photos)
For Insurance $2 per $100 worth of value $2 per $100 worth of value
Surcharge for Heavy Package
Nil Nil

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How Much You Need To Pay To Use The ShopGT International Package Forwarding Service?

All you need to do is to visit the shipping calculator page on shopgt site. In case you know the dimensions and weight of the item you require sent to you, just enter them into the shipping calculator. It will show you the price of the shipping and be sure our competitive and reasonable rates will surprised you nicely.

You must know that with the free, Basic membership account, your charge is $1 per package, so you can expect to add $1 to the expense you find in our shipping calculator. But if you try to move up to a Membership club account the charge you have to paid is zero.
But this is not all what you can expect form shopgt. The shipping, inspections, advanced consolidation item wrapping, and paper wrapping are all additional. Isn’t it amazing ? If you are interested in, just check shopgt services and pricing page for more detailed information .


Why Should I Trust On Shopgt For International Online Shopping ?
Doing business since 2003 and in international package forwarding service since 2014 shopgt aimed at making it quick and easy for international residents to shop online in the USA. With more than 14 years in the transportation business we know how to help you to get better international Package forwarding services. We offer you an easy solution to parcel forwarding with our mailbox service. Many online retailers do not ship internationally which makes the international shoppers to pay stiff premiums. Using shopgt, you are able to shop with any online retailer and have your packages delivered to an address within the USA for free.

Shopping Online Could Be Inexpensive And Economical:
Only what makes it expensive for international customers is shipping, so our aim is to looking for low cost shipping solutions. We do everything possible to free our customers from any international charges.

Shopping Online Can Be Easy:
This is our greatest area of focus because all the rules and regulations involved in international transport could make you confused. In this we are very useful to help you. However, we are constantly working on new technology to both comply with regulations and make it simple for our customers. All what we want is to make online shopping as easier and cheaper as it can be for you .

How to Create a Free Account On ShopGT?


This video is showing you how to create a free Account at ShopGT International.
The Online shopping shipping service at ShopGT registration is free. We provide our Shipping services on very low prices. We offering International Courier Services, International Online Shopping, Package Forwarding Services, Parcel forwarding with our mailbox service. We always take care about our clients and always try to improve our services. Related Article: Why Do We Need To Use Package Forwarding Company Services